Trade Agreement Xenoblade X

She exchanges her silver death card for your bronze De Cinicula card. You also need 5 Coaletri and 2 Meteo Eater, both collectibles found in Primordia. To access the game, you may use a Nintendo Account or Nintendo Network ID („Account“) in the Nintendo eShop or other Nintendo shopping services on or after the game start date in your territory. This code is non-refundable unless prescribed by law and can only be used once. The game is not transferable. Use of this code requires access to the Internet and acceptance of the Nintendo eShop User Agreement in which you use this code. Please check before purchase. Digital products purchased on this site only work on Canadian accounts! This mission requires the completion of a number of trades until a Nopopotamus gold card is purchased. There are several routes that work and there are no loops or dead ends; Every trade is a step in the right direction….