Stripe Services Agreement Us

Stripe Connect allows platforms to help you manage your Stripe account and provide additional services directly to you or your customers. You can connect your Stripe account to platforms if you sign up for your Stripe account or through the dashboard. In order to use Stripe Connect, you must also accept the connected account agreement. When you connect your Stripe account to a platform, you authorize Stripe to allow the platform to access your Stripe account and all data contained in your Stripe account (as defined in Section D); (ii) assist you in creating and managing transactions with your customers; and (iii) deduct amounts (e.g.B. Platform Usage Fees) from funds to be paid to you on Platform-related transactions („Platform Fees“). You must separately agree with the platform to pay all platform fees and all platform fees are charged in addition to the fees. They call for a full mix of payment card processing fees for all merchant services (MSC) charges for all payment card brands and categories, regardless of underlying differences in interchange fees. If you do not understand the schedule, have a question about the fees or would like to receive unegmented rates for payment card processing, please contact us. Stripe Checkout, including all content, software, features, materials and information made available on The Stripe Checkout, made available in connection with Stripe Checkout or accessible through Stripe Checkout, is provided „as you may see“.

To the extent permitted by law, Stripe, its affiliates and their representatives, merchants or independent contractors (the „Negative Companies“) make no warranties or warranties of any kind for the services, content, documents, information and functions made available to Stripe Checkout or for any breach of security related to the transmission of sensitive information on Stripe Checkout. Any negative company refuses without restriction any guarantee of any kind whatsoever with regard to the services, non-infringement, accessibility in the market or fitness for a particular purpose. Entities that refuse do not warrant that the functions contained in the Services are uninterrupted or error-free. Refusal agencies are not responsible for service interruptions, including, but not not limited to, system failures or other interruptions that may affect the receipt, processing, acceptance, conclusion or processing of payment transactions. Companies that refuse are not responsible for the accuracy of payment instruments, offers or products of premium programs, including, but not limited to, the accuracy of such information. If Stripe and a Customer have not agreed on anything else, you maintain a direct relationship with your customers and (i) you must obtain the corresponding agreement to pay their fees through the payment services, (ii) provide customers with a confirmation or receipt for each shipment, (iii) verify the identity of the customers, and (iv) determine a customer`s admissibility and authority to enter into transactions. . .