Stamp Duty On Llp Agreement In Mumbai

The LLP Agreement may be amended or completely modified with the agreement of all LLP partners. In case of modification of the deed of partnership or the LLP contract, you do not have to pay the stamp duty imposed for the creation of the company or LLP, but the periodic stamp duty levied on a general agreement. However, please respect the corresponding law of the State. In this article, you will find details about the LLP agreement and stamp duty on the agreement. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a partnership in which it has limited liability and a separate legal entity that can be sued or sued by others. When creating an LLP, the final step in creating it is submitting an LLP agreement to MCA. It is prescribed by law. You must stick to it and, in case of omission, you may have to pay a fine. An LLP agreement should contain all the details regarding LLP and its rules and regulations applicable to its partners. Any LLP agreement should be stamped. You must print your agreement on the extrajudicial stamp. A stamp duty is decided according to the State and the capital contribution.

b) The cash contribution exceeds 50,000 rupees: 1% of the amount of the contribution of shares within the limit of fifteen thousand rupees. (formerly, for each rule 50,000 or part of the contribution, subject to a maximum tax of 5,000) The bank may refuse to open an LLP bank account on the basis of stamp duty to find out if LLP has been registered. LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT or LLP AGREEMENT means any written agreement between The final step in online LLP registration is to enter into an agreement and submit it to MCA. An agreement must be submitted within 30 days of creation. The applicability of stamp duty to the LLP agreement depends on the state of establishment and the capital contribution of the partners. Hello Milan, you can pay stamp duty through any bank that provides the stamp duty acceptance service, or through a stamp duty GRAS is levied for the Partnership Act The registration of an LLP does not stop at the receipt of the constituting instrument. .