Scheduling Agreement Type In Sap Sd

A delivery plan is a framework agreement between you and a saleable party valid for a specified period of time. The delivery plan contains fixed delivery dates and quantities. These dates are included in the delivery plan classifications. Once the delivery plan is due, you can place the delivery as usual or using a list of deliveries. Planning contract type is DS – Delivery Planning Yes, you can find in vov8 Search in olme Schedule Type of Convention where you will find LPA. There are two ways to start the process of creating a delivery plan: In delivery planning, you don`t need to create multiple orders, once the date is reached, the materials are automatically delivered and billed. Delivery plans are defined and managed as supporting documentation in the system. It is possible to group these documents into different types of documents according to commercial requirements. First, you need to define the types of document and their attributes when adjusting.

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