Reciprocity Agreement Finance

Mathematics is widely regarded as inegible results, and on this basis has a mathematically derived authority. However, in the context of communicative action, language is not a vector of truth, but a linguistic means of enabling the transfer of understanding. This is the role of Fibonacci mathematics in medieval finance, emphasized by Sigler (Fibonacci and Sigler 2003, introduction); it made it possible to write a calculation that could then be copied, modified and improved by others. Since financial economics does not recognize this role for mathematics, many felt that it was able to provide accurate asset prices in the face of radical uncertainty. The Black Scholes Prize formula was once considered the most successful equation in economics (Ross 1987, p. 332). A second problem is that Rubin points to the effects of emporiaphobic legislation, while Caplan`s argument has been described as „probably the most widespread anti-democratic work of the post-Cold War era“ (Gilley 2009, p. 120). He seems to hope that democratic lawmakers can be influenced by the use of anti-democratic rhetoric. If we intend to exert influence on the legislator, we must give reasons that he can accept. In addition to offering politically tasty reasons, this immediately raises the question of whether these reasons can be the abstract mathematical proofs of financial economics.