Purdue Global Articulation Agreement

Purdue University Global, the institution`s online public campus, signs student transfer contracts with community colleges in countries other than their own. Last month, the Indiana-based university announced joint agreements with maricopa colleges in Arizona and Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland. About Purdue University Global Global Is the extreme online university customization that offers students the competitive edge in their chosen career. It offers a hyper-tailored path for students to obtain an associate, bachelor`s degree, master`s or doctoral degree, based on their work experience, desired pace, military service, former university credits and other considerations – wherever they are on the path of their lives. Purdue Global looks after more than 31,000 students (June 2020), most of whom graduate online. In addition, it operates several regional sites at the federal level. Purdue Global is a public non-profit university accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. It is linked to the flagship institution of Purdue University, a high-level public research university in West Lafayette, Indiana. Purdue University also operates two regional campuses in Fort Wayne and Northwest, Indiana, as well as nearly 6,000 students in the fields of natural sciences, technology and technology on the campus of Indiana Purdue University in Indianapolis (IUPUI). For more information, see purdueglobal.edu.

„We are pleased to develop online transfer channels with Purdue University Global for our students at AACC,“ adds Marcus Wright, Director of Transfer, Articulation and Career Orientation at AACC. „These online transfer channels allow our students to have more opportunities and opportunities, especially in these uncertain times.“ Joint agreements help streamline the appropriations process for firefighter certifications that you may have already acquired, in order to be considered fit for service. If you have obtained your certifications through an organization accredited by IFSAC or the Pro Board, including the Us Department of Defense Firefighter Certification System, you may eventually get a credit credit for this Purdue Global education program. , the compatibility between the Ivy Tech program and the program with other institutions and the availability of the program you are looking for. We have a large number of transfer contracts with other universities and universities. Click on the bottom left for more details on these partnerships! INDIANAPOLIS – Purdue University Global and Ivy Tech Community College have expanded an existing partnership with an admissions agreement that will provide a pathway for transfer students. „Purdue Global is uniquely positioned to offer seamless transfer to thousands of students who have completed or complete an associated TSAP degressive program,“ said Purdue Global Chancellor Frank Dooley. Purdue Global Faculty analyzed the TSAP Associate Degree Areas and the corresponding Degree Competencies to identify the orientation to Bachelor Pourdue Global diplomas. As a result, Purdue Global will begin offering personalized joints for students who will enroll from a TSAP associate degree to a recognized Purdue Global Bachelor degree.¬†Students who graduate from Ivy Tech with a degree from Indiana Transfer Single Articulation Pathway Associate can obtain an individual credit link in Purdue Global`s bachelor`s program. All TSAP staff diplomas include the Statewide Transfer General Education Core.