Moving Expense Reimbursement Agreement

I also understand that, in accordance with the Directive, if I voluntarily resign after less than twelve (12) months from the commencement of employment, I am required to reimburse 100% of all reimbursements of payment costs that I have received in accordance with the limits and conditions of this Directive. The State of Idaho believes that the moving allowance should help cover the costs, not cover them. Please read the following information about your moving expenses and sign. The completed form must be submitted prior to reimbursement of any moving expenses. NOTE: It is important for you to know that the reimbursement of moving expenses is reported by Boise State University on your W2 form. Current and future employees are informed that the 2017 federal tax cuts and jobs act makes all moving expenses taxable and that all state-authorized refunds have tax consequences for the worker. Therefore, all related deductions apply to the entire recoverable amount, in accordance with federal and state laws such as income tax, social security tax and retirement. Staff are encouraged to consult a personal tax adviser on the tax impact of removal refunds under this Directive. If my repayment exceeds $5,000 and I voluntarily resign more than one year and less than two years after the start of employment, I must repay the amount of the refund that exceeds $5,000. Die State Policy befindet sich unter Navigieren Sie zu: Board of Examiners >> Policies and Procedures >> State Moving Policies and Procedures. . Die Boise State Policy befindet sich in Als neuer Mitarbeiter wurde ich über die Board of Examiners Policy III.C., in der State of Idaho Moving Policy und die Boise State 7140 Moving Policy informiert. .