Epsca Millwright Agreement

Learn about work requirements regarding wages and collective agreements for OPG suppliers and partners. See current collective agreements and wage plans for CUSW and BACU. EPSCA collective agreements and wage plans contained in tender packages must be used as a guideline and may change after the tender documents have been issued. The current epSCA collective agreements and compensation plans are www.EPSCA.org. The Electrical Power Systems Construction Association (EPSCA) was established in 1972. The association negotiates and manages construction collective agreements on behalf of employers who perform work in the construction industry for the bulk electrical system on Ontario Power Generation Inc., Bruce Power LP and Hydro One. Where a work need is defined as Form B, contract suppliers are not required to perform the work by collective agreement. Through this process, bidders are informed, through tender/tender documents, of the work-related work requirements. These include labour obligations and collective agreements and related wage obligations.

OPG also has a collective agreement with the International Association of Machinists and Space Workers. NOTE: Any company and each of its subcontractors that perform specific work at the corresponding OPG sites, either in accordance with the EPSCA collective agreements, the OPG/Building Trade Union collective agreements, or the machinists` collective agreement, are required to respect and comply with the provisions of these collective agreements. Learn how collective agreements determine how OPG operates. It is the contractor`s obligation to determine the employment contracts for employment through the mark-up provisions (PDF) in collective agreements. EPSCA negotiates and manages collective agreements with the construction industry for OPG and all contractors who perform work at OPG production sites. In addition to EPSCA, OPG has collective agreements directly with two construction unions (BTUs) that require contractors to respect working conditions at OPG sites. They are the Canadian Union of Professional Workers (CUSW) and the Brick and Allied Craft Union (BACU). .

The process is initiated when a work requirement form is available from OPG. Decisions are based on the information contained in the work requirement form, i.e. whether the work is to be performed under the conditions of EPSCA, CUSW, BACU or Machinists or whether these conditions do not apply. . . .