Bank Of America Deposit Agreement And Disclosures Brochure

For each deposit account, the fine is deducted from the principal amount of your account if a prepayment penalty exceeds the interest collected on your account, whether or not they have been paid. The interest rate used to calculate your prepayment penalty is the interest rate applicable to this time deposit account on the day of payment. All cheques, payment forms and deposit vouchers must be provided on forms we have received at home or that we approve in advance. You are responsible for verifying the accuracy of all the information contained in these forms. Our responsibility, if any, for printing errors on the forms we receive is limited to the cost of the exchange. We are not responsible for any other losses or damages you suffer. In addition, we are not liable or responsible for any losses or damages you suffer by using forms that we have not received or approved in advance by us, including, but not limited to your (i) choice, to have cheques printed by a supplier that we have not approved; (ii) the use of control stocks or safety devices that do not survive the conversion of the test into an electronic element or a replacement check; iii) carry out the check (for example. B, slightly coloured ink) so that the information does not survive the cheque being converted into an electronic item or a replacement check; (iv) the use of a test stock containing printing inaccuracies, defective magnetic ink or faulty coding; or (v) use of the test stock with double serial numbers. We also have the right to „freeze“ or place a „maintenance“ on your account (d.

h. do not request payment) and/or prevent deposits in your account from being made for a reasonable period of time if (i) we have the right to compensation, (ii) there are claims or disputes regarding your account, or (iii) we believe in good faith that we have a right against you or the funds in your account, or that something has happened or is reasonably expected that we have a right against you or the funds in your account. This paragraph is not applied in violation of existing legislation. Over the years, we have acquired deposit accounts from other financial institutions, including accounts of various savings and loan banks and savings banks. Many deposit accounts of savings banks and savings banks have been created in accordance with legislation that applies in parallel with banking legislation regulating multi-party accounts. If we have purchased your account from another financial institution, your account will be subject to the same status as those that apply to accounts opened with the bank in the state in which your account is held, as these statuses are changed from time to time. Your continued use of your account represents your consent to these changes.