Arts Council Partnership Agreement

It is also available on the CCAS website: The selected organisations will help ACM implement the strategy to put art and creativity at the centre of Malta`s future. The Statewide Services Grant is not open to applications in the same way as other grants. Proposals will only be adopted after a debate and agreement has been reached with the South Dakota Arts Council and staff on the type of national arts services that will be provided during the fiscal year for which funding will be requested. Individuals considering applying should contact CCA staff prior to submitting their nomination to begin this discussion. In 2008, the Liverpool National Museum (NML) began creating the international travelling exhibition Plantastic. The project was carried out through an international partnership between the public and private sectors: three museums, a science centre and an exhibition and production company. The project was a joint project and the partnership was responsible for making the content, design and construction of the exhibition available. Each partner of the museum organized the exhibition, and then the partnership made the commercial tour of the exhibition. The partners contributed to the costs of the exhibition as well as to the costs of on-the-going transport and maintenance. Click on the following links to download a copy of NML`s Partnership Agreement Presentation: The Partnership first signed a Memorandum of Understanding to formalize and validate the agreement between all parties, which each party would commit to in terms of time and costs at this stage of the project. The Memorandum of Understanding sets out the main steps that led to the Partnership Agreement.